Gamfi develops digital products that provide small, medium-sized, and large enterprises with comprehensive onboarding of new employees as well as increased employee engagement and motivation. Gamfi’s tools automatize processes and repetitive tasks (e.g. in HR, call centers, sales, and production), engage employees in reaching business goals, and build a great Candidate & Employee Experience.

So far, Gamfi has completed over 150 implementations, mainly in HR (onboarding, reboarding, retention), sales, production, KPI implementation, e-learning & training, and product adoption.

Original automation systems, ready-to-use gamification modules, and platforms available in the SaaS model allow to implement a dedicated solution within 3-4 weeks. The portfolio of companies using Gamfi includes, among others, T-Mobile, BGK, Bosch, Asseco, Danone, Devire, and RTV Euro AGD.

Check out www.gamfi.com to find out more.