There is a tone of questions coming to mind when a startup team starts to think about founding. Most of the people don't know how to start, who to contact and what to ask for. We want to make your life easier since you have already a lot on your shoulders, so we have put together a list of typical questions we hear during our conversations. You are still more than welcome to ask them but it just might be easier to get a glimpse of how we work.

FAQ - so you don't have to ask

Process Timing

It’s never too early or too late. We usually don’t invest in ideas but we love to share our know=how and support entrepreneurs through their journey. It is always worth to talk and exchange ideas, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

It’s even better. It means someone already believed in your product or service.
That said, we still evaluate your cap table before making an investment decision.

Absolutely. We invest in companies in different stages of development, so send us your deck and let’s talk.

Have in mind that the size of our investment ticket will probably result in PV becoming one of the participating investors.

How We Make Decisions

Yes, we focus on Human Resources (HR) Technologies and Educational Technologies.

We look for a talented team with a proper set of values and believes, with high growth-potential who can develop efficient, frugal and focused companies.

It’s easy to get excited about a cool, innovative new idea. But, it is people who are steering the ship. Strong leadership at the helm of a good idea have the best chance to execute on the mission.

We focus on companies originated in Poland or Ukraine, opportunistically in other countries having their core market in Poland or Ukraine.

Investment Process

We try to make the investment process as simple as possible and adjust it to the project size, stage, and maturity. After project submission, there are few distinct stages that we need to go through :

  • Meeting the team
  • Understand the business model
  • Analyze business plan
  • Financial, legal and technology due diligence
  • Investment agreement

From initial submission, we’ll aim to get back to you in a couple of weeks if we are interested and depending on round size and project stage proceed to the next stage.

Usually, it takes between 8-12 weeks to make a deal.

You can either contact us by email at projects/at/pracuj.vc or get in touch directly thru LinkedIn. Go to our People page find links to our profiles.


Out investment ticket ranges from 0,5-2mln PLN.

No. We will be more than happy to consider c0-investments with other funds.

Yes, but you need to accept our terms. We have no time or interest to create custom terms.

We have been in high tech for last 20 years and involved in combined around 100 projects. First and foremost as entrepreneurs, but also as angel investors and VC. We have never been involved in a situation where an NDA is enforced except in an M&A context.  It’s simply a waste of paper and time. We would prefer to build trust and spend the time to understand your business.

What It's Like to Work With Us

We have a broad spectrum of experience but most importantly we are both successful entrepreneurs and founders ourselves. Our domain of expertise is HR & L&D Tech, therefore we invest where we can contribute and support using our know-how, experience, and networks.

We utilize our experience of growing companies in HR & L&D industry in Poland and Ukraine

We use a rigorous framework for effective portfolio management, sharing best practices in a wide variety of functions such as strategy, sales, human resources, product development, and marketing.

We give access to the knowledge sharing platform of all of our investments including mature and established businesses as well as early-stage projects.

We are trying to adjust our engagement to the individual needs of the companies and if the interest is crucial, we require an executive, non-executive, advisor or observer board seat. However, usually, we just organize routine meetings to help founders organize their work and develop the business.


Currently No, thank you for your interest.


Maciej Noga &  Paweł Leks (read more)

Investment Committee: 

Maciej Noga

Pawel Leks

Przemysław Gacek

Our office is located in Warsaw, Poland.

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