Sherlock Waste

Sherlock Waste is a cross channel workforce engagement platform where everyone within an organization can report problems and frustrations regarding workplace, processes, tools, systems etc.

We believe that workplace tools should be as friendly as possible, so when we designed our platform, we took into account the latest trends and habits of users resulting from their daily use of the Internet on desktop and mobile devices.

All of the frustrations go to the “wall” where they can be upvoted by other employees. Also, users can add daily ideas and problems to solve. Sherlock Waste is not only focused on employees but also on managers. Thanks to the built-in ranking, managers get instant information on which issues and ideas are most important for employees and where they should be putting their extra effort.

Our platform is also a great gamification tool, managers can appreciate most engaged people and teams making work fun with more transparency and teamwork spirit.

We conclude that every company can be great and every person deserves an appropriate work environment.

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