Combining Recruitment CRM and Marketing Automation, Beamery is built to source, attract and engage passive candidates.

Company story

Started by brothers and friends Abakar, Sultan and Mike as a garage project while having their day jobs in finance at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. After starting their careers in finance during the recession, they saw how even with few jobs and plenty of great candidates available, companies were still struggling to hire. They were waiting for the perfect people, to find the perfect roles, at the perfect time, with only their resume to differentiate them. This couldn’t be the future. Beamery was born to change the status quo in recruitment.

Company mission

We started Beamery on a simple idea that online you are not a candidate or a customer, you are both. Companies have become very sophisticated at selling products and building customer relationships online, while Recruiting has not changed. This led us to create a platform that brings predictive marketing and data-science to recruitment, empowering companies to treat candidates like customers. Our mission is to transform the role of recruiting to be a core strategic asset and enable companies to find, connect and engage with talent better.

Talent CRM

Build relationships with passive candidates ahead of business demand, reduce hiring cycles and create a single source of truth for all your hiring data.

Talent Marketing

Build a marketing engine to attract and engage top talent, nurture top passive candidates and create a world class candidate experience.