Hedgehog Fund

Funds investment period has expired. We have finished with making initial investments and focus on helping the portfolio companies grow and on exiting current investments.

Who are we?

  • We’re a business angels fund investing in tech projects;
  • We have versatile experience in developing such companies as: Arris, Arthur Andersen, BCG, Benefit Systems, Dell, Euronet, First Data, Google, GrupaPracuj, McKinsey, Netia, Pepsi-Cola, PwC, Samsung, Smyk, WizzAir;
  • We understand entrepreneurs because we’ve been in their shoes just a while ago;
  • We invest only private money what makes us more flexible and fast decision-making;
  • Apart from investing as fund members, our partners have a possibility to invest in chosen projects individually.

Who do we invest in?

  • Our attention is aimed at businesses from Information and Communications Technologies segment;
  • We specialize in projects in the following areas: marketplace, e-commerce, b2b, internet of things;
  • We invite projects emerging in Poland to join our portfolio, helping them in international expansion at the same time;
  • We invest in projects at early stage of development, yet having at minimum functioning prototype, built platform, elaborated technology and/or first clients;
  • It is important for a project to demonstrate growth potential, be scalable and have a chance to compete or be acquired by industry leaders.

How do we invest?

  • We invest up to 1 million PLN in exchange for minority shares;
  • Our investments don’t end with financial support, but first of all provide an ongoing counseling of our fund partners;
  • We divide our investments into tranches, which release is conditioned upon meeting certain KPIs;
  • When we see potential and possibility of achieving mutual benefits, we invite our befriended funds to co-invest;
  • Depending on chosen exit strategies, we don’t exclude subsequent capital injections and continuing the investment in further stages of development of a project.