Gymsteer is a multiplatform aggregating sports facilities and enabling easy, on-demand access to their infrastructure for individuals or company employees as a sport benefit.
What makes Gymsteer different is the embedded “pay per entry” model, that enables customers to pay only for the used trainings instead of a subscription or club memberships.
Gymsteer also provides software for the management of sports facilities in the SaaS model.

Benefits of implementing Gymsteer as an employer:

  • cost reduction of sports benefits in comparison to subscription model
  • increased effectiveness of benefits offered to the employees
  • simplification of settlement procedures
  • data on employees sport activity enabling better results of motivational programs
  • access to a diverse sports facilities for employees through mobile app
  • access to live-streamed virtual classes

Gymsteer is a sport benefit 2.0 – in a modern, flexible and digital form.

Visit: gymsteer.com